South Shore – Photos of Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods

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Archer Heights – Photos of Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods

Community Area 57 – Archer Heights

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Albany Park – Photos of Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods

Albany Park is the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago with over 40 different languages spoken.   Continue reading Albany Park – Photos of Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods

Chicago Street Photography: CTA Blue Line

Photo: Winter Morning Belmont Harbor

Winter Morning Belmont Harobor

CTA Red Line – Shedd Aquarium Street Photography

#Chi2Ferguson Watch Live Updates Chicago / Ferguson

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          It’s Incredibly Rare For A Grand Jury To Do What Ferguson’s Just Did        

Chicago Burlesque: Lessons in Radical Subjectivity

Guest Post by Hannah Green 

My friend turned to me. “I bet they have the best sex lives,” he said, watching the two burlesque dancers doing their grinder act. The first, Candy XXX, had long hair and wore a black bra, her breasts spilling over the top as she shot sparks in the air. The second, Queerela Fistalot, a very slender person with feather tattoos reaching from hipbones to ribcage, had leather chaps on and black electrical tape over her nipples. Together they danced, grinning wildly, sparks shooting up from the metal plates they had strapped to their pelvises.


Courtesy of Louis Fitch Images
Courtesy of Louis Fitch Images


“Well, not necessarily,” I shot back, never one to allow an assumption to go unchallenged. “The question is, does the sexual freedom they exhibit here onstage translate to freedom with their own partners, in their own bedrooms? Perhaps the freedom we think we see here is just another mask, and they’re no more able to be open and vulnerable in their own sex lives than the rest of us are.”

Possibly. And yet, I found myself believing that that I was wrong, that the sense of freedom I got from them must have come from them breaking through the bonds of fear that prevent most of us from living the huge wild lives we dreamed of as kids. I could easily believe that here were two women who could truly say, in the way few can, “We are not sexual objects; we do not exist for your pleasure. We are sexual actors, subjects in our own lives.”

Courtesy of Louis Fitch Images
Courtesy of Louis Fitch Images

There’s something ironic, to be sure, in suggesting that burlesque is the secret to radical subjectivity. Burlesque has many superficial similarities to strip-tease, a form of performance that seems to wholly objectify the performer. However, while strip-tease caters to the heterosexual male gaze, this burlesque show clearly did not. For example, in the grinder act, after making it rain dollar bills on Candy XXX as she crawled on all fours, Queerela Fistalot stripped off her overly large bra, removed her feminine wig to reveal a mohawk, and put on leather chaps and a policeman’s cap.

In that transformation from the classically feminine to the masculine/androgynous, she satirized the strip club roles from the earlier sequence. By taking control of her representation she subverted the audience’s expectations of what kind of gender performance they were watching. She unequivocally asserted her sexuality and desirability, but on her own terms. This also allowed the femininity that Candy XXX represented to be seen as one option for sexual expression among many, not as inevitable female sexuality.

By the end of the show, I had decided that burlesque was sex the way sex was always supposed to be: full of power, pain, laughter, awe, fear, joy, and glory—without any of the shame that somehow gets mixed in. With that in mind, I found myself agreeing fully with my friend—I’m sure they all have the most fabulous sex lives.

Hannah Green aka Knifefight

Hannah Green


Photos by Louis Fitch Images 

Governor Pat Quinn is Good for Business in Illinois – Vote Nov. 4

Here is a link to find where you can vote in Illinois. The General Election is this Tuesday Nov. 4

I recommend voting for Pat Quinn for Governor of Illinois. He inherited a mess and has made tough choices to turn the state around. Illinois is heading in the right direction. We are the distribution and information center of the country with a talented and dedicated workforce.

Want proof?  How about  Amazon announcing this week that they are adding 1000 new Jobs in Illinois and Coyote Logistics announcing 500 new Jobs.  link

Governor Pat Quinn’s Record:

  • Increased investment in Illinois public schools link, despite fiscal challenges.
  • Signed a bill to double the Earned Income Tax Credit putting more than $160 million in the pockets of 900,000 working families in 2013. link
  • Funded the  Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund offering $7500 down payment assistance and below market mortgage rates to hard working families and individuals. link
  • Fights for raising the Illinois Minimum Wage link
  • Since January 2010, Illinois has added 257,000 private sector jobs. link

Illinois’ Jobs Comeback by the Numbers:

400,000 jobs from investing in infrastructure through Illinois Jobs Now!, the largest capital construction plan in Illinois history.
28,000 potential long-term jobs and 9,000 construction jobs from the Illiana Corridor Project, an innovative public-private partnership to build a much-needed, regional highway.
28,500 jobs from the Illinois Clean Water Initiative to rebuild and repair Illinois’ aging drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, including 9,700 construction jobs; 4,600 indirect jobs in supplier industries (mining, manufacturing and services) and 14,300 jobs supported by growth in related businesses.
1,956 jobs from the 2011 Advantage Illinois program to provide Illinois businesses and entrepreneurs with access to the capital by leveraging federal funding. 26,000 jobs created and maintained, and 470 new business through the Illinois Entrepreneurship Network, a formalized structure for coordinated services to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state.
1,030 tech jobs created from Governor Quinn’s leadership and support of 1871, Chicago’s leading hub for digital startups.
4,200 full-time equivalent jobs in 2013 alone from the Film Tax Credit and bringing more than $1 billion in revenue to the state. Illinois broke the 100 million visitor mark for the first time in 2012, generating an estimated $33.5 billion and 298,700 jobs for the state’s economy.
Governor Quinn worked with businesses across the state, across the country and across the world to make sure they grow and invest in Illinois. These successes include:
→Navistar is creating and retaining 3,000 permanent jobs and 400 construction jobs over the next several years and investing $205 million to relocate its headquarters to Lisle, beating out several states.
→Ford Motor Works’ Chicago plant grew from one shift to three shifts, now with more than 5,100 workers.
→Chrysler grew from 200 jobs to more than 4,700 jobs at their Belvidere plant.
→Continental Tires expanded its North American headquarters and manufacturing facility in Mt. Vernon, creating nearly 500 jobs.
→Woodward Inc. expanded its manufacturing plant and offices in Loves Park, creating more than 660 jobs and plans to double its workforce in the Rockford area by 2021.
→Boeing located a new facility at MidAmerica Airport in St. Clair County.
→Astellas Pharma built their new corporate headquarters for the Americas in Glenview, creating 150 jobs.
→Nippon Sharyo established their U.S. headquarters in Rochelle creating hundreds of jobs. Via Quinn for Illinois

Want to help build and strengthen the soul of Illinois?  Vote November 4th.  Be a rock star and get  your friends to get out and Vote!

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New Single Family Homes in Lakeview

Check out this week’s top single-family homes in Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood.

New Single Family Homes, Lakeview

Looking for a new home in Lakeview? Contact Bryan Hayes for a showing and consultation today.

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